Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Third Day at Disney - Part 4

Hello Everyone! I am back with another installment of our Disney trip! But I have some exciting news...we are planning a summer trip next year and we are going to stay a WHOLE week!!! I am the only one in my family, ironically enough, who hasn't been able to stay a week. Since I am a teacher and avoid Christmas and Easter in the World, I haven't been able to do longer trips. It's going to be tough to do the parks in the heat of summer so I am going to be employing some different touring techniques. I will share plans with you soon!! 

So onto the update. I last left you relaxing back at the Poly after a busy day at MK


So I called the girls in and we all got ready for dinner! We were excited too because we had a big night planned!

All dressed and ready to go! We headed to the monorail next.

Did you know where they store the barges for the Water Pageant??? You can see them from the monorail before you reach the MK station. I tried to snap a pic as we were moving....

Can you guess where we were going????
 Magic Kingdom....on a Saturday night......during a holiday weekend....with a parade and fireworks! Can you say busy???? But, truthfully, the crowds did not bother us one bit. If anything they added to the energy and excitment!!!

 Once on Main Street we found the awesome Dapper Dans and the girls got their autograph and picture!

 Busy as you can see at 5 pm!!!

 Scrims! Which I can say have now just recently come down!

 We took a few moments to get some photopass pics too!!

Can you guess where we were headed.....I took some pictures along the route???  I had to capture some of the beautiful spring flowers and trees!

 Finally, our destination for dinner tonight.....the fabulous Crystal Palace. I bet Devon's dress gave it away!!!
 I love the view of the castle from here!!!!

And look who was meeting us --->>>>
Tom and his family and Carla and her family!! We exchanged hugs and autographs and really enjoyed our meet. I find it funny how the kids are all fast friends!!!

 I had checked us in and we waited a bit and they called us in (within a few minutes of our ADR time). We were shown to a nice spot by the windows and had two tables. Adults and Kids!

If you haven't eaten here before, I would HIGHLY recommend it!! It is a must do for so many people, including us! The Crystal Palace is so pretty inside, the food is great and the characters adorable! Speaking of which, it wasn't long before we saw some! Eeyore was first...we tried to cheer him up!

 And Tigger snuck up on Carla and gave her a hug! She was pretty surprised!!! LOL!!! I saw it coming and had my camera ready!!!

 We really had a wonderful time together!!! Great meal....we were stuffed! After we settled up the check we headed out to the maddening crowd!
Now when I say crowds I mean, people were lined up for parade TWO HOURS ahead of time. We looked down Main Street to the flag pole where I orginally wanted to be for the parade but it was already crowded so we took a left toward the hub. I have never watched the parade amidst people near the castle but decided to try it. Plus there was a castle show going on. We found a spot on the inside with the girls right up to the street. Unfortunately about 20 minutes after we got there, CM's came along and told us to move. They roped off the section for wheel chairs. Luckily we had already struck up a conversation with people around us and we simply moved down closer to the Castle. The family next to us invited the girls to sit up front. I was soooo excited. As before, this was the first time they girls were seeing a nighttime parade. We missed it last time and before that they were too young to bring out at night. So we enjoyed the evening. Tom took Leighanna and Devon on the Carousel of Progress, while Sarah, Brooklyn, Mary and I watched the show and chatted.

Before the parade started, there was a pre-parade of school bands and cheerleaders. Interestingly enough, many of the people around the hub left after this. I guess they were with the bands! Soon, the parade began and I was all goosebumps and misty eyes! I think I remember part of this parade from when I was a child. I distinctly remember it being night-time and the lights and parade coming by me. I was excited that the girls were able to be right up front. I took a few pics but my camera isn't great at night.

Here are some videos I took with my iPad.....give you a sense of the fun music and lights!!


And here is one more where Prince Charming says "Happy Birthday" to Leighanna!!! She was wearing her birthday button. 


After the parade, we changed spots so we could see Tinkerbell and the Castle a little better! It was also much less crowded. The little girls were getting sooo tired but they wanted to stay for Wishes. Unfortunately, when we changed spots, I somehow lost Devon's sweatshirt. Poor dears hung in there!!

The show did not dissappoint!!!!!!! First they do a lighting show on the castle which is spell-binding!!! Then the fireworks begin!!! I love the music! Tink flew right over us!! I didn't get any pics but did take a short video clip with the iPad again:

 The girls had to use the ladies room on the way out so rather then head to the hub and Main Street after the show was over, we headed toward Tomorrowland and swung right into the Noodle Station. The reason I say this is because we got a little pixie dust. As we started to leave we were directed by a CM to a backstage door!!! They were directing people using this cut through to go "backstage" rather than battle the crowds down Main St!! Oh yaaaaa baby!!! We were able to walk behind most of the shops and come out near the turnstiles!!! Not only did it save time and frustration but it was cool to see behind the scenes!! I have heard of Disney doing this before so if the crowds are crazy, head to the Noodle Station and see if they are doing this alternate exit!!

Once out I believe we headed to the monorail and headed to the resort. We were tired but full and happy of Disney memories!!

Stay tuned for our last full day in the World coming soon! Have a great week. Tonight the girls have the Queen Maysea Coronation so we are getting all "fancied" up for that....wish the Fairy Godmothers were here to do their hair!! lol!